Rookie Report: OGX Coconut Water Range

9 February 2016

I'm generally not a spendy person. I'm not, I bought 2 pillowcases for £1.80 from Primark and proceeded to call my mum to tell her about the bargain.

So paying about £14 for shampoo and conditioner seemed a little bit out of my comfort zone. Amazingly, a little goes a long with these products. They are thicker in consistency and lather like a dream, they both do such a good job of deep cleaning and clearing out (does that make sense?) your strands. My hair felt a lot lighter (hence the 'weightless' moniker) and shiny and like, quenched

 My hair type is standard, I'm lucky that it's not frizzy or dry. But my hair is pretty long right now, I'm actually very proud as it's the longest it's ever been #MermaidHairWannabe. It's also pretty thick, so I needed something that kept it from dragging down and getting flat. The best thing about this range is how naturally healthy-looking it leaves your locks, even after blow-drying.
 I'd heard Zoe talking about this range, then I read a load of reviews and was convinced!

Also when you give 'em a sniff, they smell like Summer in a bottle. Which is nice when you take a shower at 6 AM when it's -2 degrees and pitch black outside.



  1. Love this post, would love to give these a go! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

    1. Thanks so much! Yeah absolutely, I'll give you a follow x


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